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What Is A Mood Board & How Can SeaHouse's Latest Collection Help Your Biz?

Posted on June 02 2018

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This blog post is all about Mood Boards... Keep reading for some awesome news about my latest Collection in the SeaHouse shop and how it just might help you! I hope you are going to find this amazing for your business and your clients. I had this idea and I just can't wait to share it with you all... I haven't seen this before, so who knows it may just be a FIRST for SeaHouse Imagery!


What is a Mood Board?

  • A mood board can also be known as an inspiration board.
  • A mood board is a physical or digital collage of ideas, consisting of images, textures and text, all composed around a related topic.
  • Mood boards are commonly used in industries like interior design, fashion and graphic design.
  • A Mood board is an important step in a design project and its creation is very valuable for ideas for designers, as so many clients say “I’ll know it when I see it”. Mood boards bring that “idea” to life.
  • Designers are able to convey, moods and feelings (by creating mood boards) that visions sometimes can’t express. It’s about capturing thoughts, impressions, themes and feelings in a collage intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.


Draw Inspiration For Your Branding/Style!

  • It is best to get your clients involved early in the design project, as ideas at the beginning, establishes the aesthetic feel of a project.
  • Visuals convey ideas and features that words often cannot express. Using photography style, colour palettes (like the pic below), typography and patterns, complement the overall look and feel of a design project.
  • Fashioning beautiful, simple mood boards make for sharing ideas and inspiration, with clients, quickly and easily.
    Colour Chart Wheel
    • Collages can convey moods such as light, dark, glossy, slick, modern, hard, edgy, aggressive, soft, muted, layered, textured, elegant, colourful, rough, sketchy, dull or bright.
    • Mixing mood board elements in with your presentation can be an effective way of communicating your concept to a client.
    • Fabric swatches and paint chip samples can be grouped together on posters for interior design and for trends and styles, particularly in fashion.
    • Designers use specific styles, feelings or themes and by creating powerful and effective mood boards this can determine the significance, or impact, of telling your brand’s story.


     How Can My Mood Board Collection Help You?

    • My mood board collection (like the pic below) is created for designers and individuals, and is a collection of visual elements all related to a central design theme, that is “Coastal Inspiration”.
    • Don’t spend your time wasting hours sifting through inspirational image galleries, web sites, books, magazines or social media looking for the perfect images for your mood boards on concepts your clients may not like.
    • Having a mood board already created for you increases your chances of winning more clients, by not having to spend precious time playing around with software and fashioning mood boards.
    • Text (already included in some of the SeaHouse mood boards) will set the theme for drama, tone and meaning for your projects; and comprises such examples as Summer, Love, New Blog Posts, Beach Time, That Summer Feeling, But First Coffee, Grateful and Travel ; all very much coastal inspired!

    WM Mood Board Coastal Collection for Blog

    • Using professional imagery will be well worth it to sell your vision, convey your design and consequently win you more pitches!
    • Use my completed, coastal inspired, mood boards to take to your designer - it will save you and your designer time and dollars, and we all know a few dollars here and there adds up to a good coffee or wine!
    • Join up and all Mood Board images from the SeaHouse Mood Board Collection (and my whole stock library, including exclusive, Member’s only photos) will be instantly available to you at no extra cost – only one low investment/year. It’s a great deal, you don’t want to miss - That will put you in a good MOOD!


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