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About SeaHouse Imagery Styled Stock Photos

About SeaHouse Imagery

"I help individuals, small biz owners and creative entrepreneurs bring their style and brand to life, by providing beautiful, inviting, coastal stock photos for social media, web and blog pages!"

This humble, small biz evolved from when I first started using Instagram (about 3 years ago).
I fell in love with all the photos, but when it came to posting, I could just see a hole in the market for coastal inspired styled stock photos.
I realised that there were not too many coastal themed, styled stock images out there, so I started photographing my own, in April 2017, and that is how SeaHouse Imagery Styled Stock Photos came about.
My inspiration for design and photography was influenced by my lifestyle on the coast, my love for travel and my family.

That is why I created SeaHouse Styled Stock Photos, and some earlier images are shown here below!

Instagram 9x Square Want This Look?

Not all Styled Stock Photos have to be the SAME!

I was sick of seeing the same old, flatlays, florals and desktops, over and over, on so many Instagram, web and blog pages.
I know they are beautiful and do look fantastic. I also know how much hard work and effort the photographers have done to make them available, so I am not here to knock their beautiful work. Here to offer options!
SeaHouse Imagery styled stock photos have a uniquely COASTAL theme and are… Inspired by the Sea!

What Can SeaHouse Styled Stock Photos Bring to You?

  • Help your biz to Stand Out for all the RIGHT Reasons  - Picture-Perfect,  precise Visual Content
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Time Saver, no more stressing over what photos to post on social media
  • Affordable Professional photos
  • Personalise your brand and style
  • Always have fantastic photos on hand
  • Fresh new stock, added regularly
  • Eye-catching, attractive images
  • Simple terms of use
  • Easy Search options
  • Capped sales of each photo

Check out my Blog for more information on “How Styled Stock Photos Can Make a BIG Difference to Your Business & WHY You should be Using Stock Photos”

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