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      Seven Ways to Successfully Structure Your Instagram Layout To Keep It Visually Exciting, Keep You Organized, And Bring Out YOUR Authenticity!

      Seven Ways to Successfully Structure Your Instagram Layout To Keep It Visually Exciting, Keep You Organized, And Bring Out YOUR Authenticity!

      Hi Friends,

      Are you an avid planner for your social media layouts or are you more of a post as how you are feeling with no real planning?

      This blog post is for you if you want to know how to go about planning your feed, how to achieve a consistent theme, or if you just need inspiration to create a successful Instagram feed.

      Visual appeal is one of the key factors in making or breaking your Instagram success as well as highlighting your first impression to viewers. Use Instagram to develop a strong visual brand strategy that sets you apart from your competitors and helps your business grow.

      Here’s all the tips and tricks to create a great looking Instagram grid!


      1. Tiles or Checkerboard

      The most popular way to use the tiles or checkerboards layout is by alternating between posting a photo and a quote and to use a consistent font and background in your quotes. This gives your feed a consistent, coherent look and feel – perfect for branding!

      It can be just like laying tiles in your renovations and is showcased in the photo below. Choose any colour for the background however, you must use it consistently. To keep true to your authenticity mix professional photos with your personal photos.

      Using colour is a very effective way to create a memorable gallery. A few examples are alternating prominent colours and alternating between dark and light or white backgrounds.

      Blog Tile Phone Insert Blues

      2. Horizontal Lines

      This layout is created, mostly to showcase landscape photography, by posting 3 consecutive interconnected images.  For example, you can use linear layouts for storytelling and for featuring whole pieces of artwork or products. Display one row to share photos related to a location, a particular style or mood, a photo shoot or a story, such as fashion, a hobby or a particular product.

      The three images are spread across the 3 squares, making the combined split images appear as one photo, or one theme, split into 3, like the middle row in the image below.

      Blog Horizontal Layout for IG

      3. Vertical Lines

      For this layout you are effectively creating an entire column of words or quotes running vertically down your feed, with the aim of keeping your followers scrolling down through your feed.

      To achieve this layout, as shown below, post one photo, then an image comprising of a quote, then post two photos and then another image comprising of a quote and continue in this format.

      You will most likely be planning your feed in advance as you will need to be quite creative and well organised.

      Blog Vertical Layout for IG


      4.  A Jigsaw Puzzle

      A Puzzle theme is when all your photos are linked together to form a bigger image. For this layout to be achieved, it involves placing 9 photos to create, in effect, a jigsaw puzzle. See example in below image. It entails careful planning and is most effective to showcase marketing campaigns, as the sheer size of 9 photo posts, as opposed to one photo post, is visually significant.

      Blog Puzzle Layout for IG


      5. Colour Schemes

      An Instagram layout grid using a consistent colour palette is achieved by choosing a specific filter or a particular featured colour scheme. Repeating the colours or filters in your posts will give a consistent look and feel to your feed, which will create important branding consistency. Showcase your brand by using a colour theme unique to you! It will be visually appealing, authentic to you and most likely increase your followers.

      Blog Colour Style for IG Pinks

       6. White Borders

      Choosing to create a layout using thick white borders between each image posted makes your overall feed stand out amongst the many Instagram users, as it displays a distinct difference from the usual thin, white lines which is the default for Instagram layouts.

      This theme is popular for posting a mix of images rather than one type of photo. White borders add space between your photos and so each image stands out on its own. It is not necessary to post similar images. See the image below.

      Blog Thick White Borders Style for IG Layout

      7. ‘Across-the-Grid’

      This layout is achieved when all the images are placed in a haphazard way across the screen and each image appears to flow or be amalgamated into the adjoining images, giving the impression that the whole screen is filled and the illusion that the image is ‘fused’ together.

      “Across-the-Grid” layout requires meticulous planning and thought and is most likely the hardest Instagram layout to achieve. Often referred to as an Instagram collage, this is one for the Creatives who love combining and joining images in a unique, creative way. This style has the increased potential for visual acceptance from your followers and customers.

      Blog Accross The Grid Collage Style for IG Layout Blues

      These are just a few of the themes or styles you can set up for your feed. Remember, there are so many different Instagram themes you can create – tiles, colours or black and whites, borders or no borders, bright or dark moods, vertical or horizontal, puzzles or across-the-grid styles. There are many others and it is really up to your imagination!

      Don’t forget, your Instagram theme reflects who you are and what you love and represent! There are no rules, or right or wrong styles. The secret to a successful Instagram gallery is to be yourself, stick to your style and your authenticity will shine through.

      I’m hoping you learn something new from this blog post and give your Instagram gallery a spring clean or a refreshing new style.  Love to hear your feedback so please comment below and come say Hi on Instagram whenever you like! You’ll find me @seahouseimagery

      Till next time... Much Love! Deb x

      What Is A Mood Board & How Can SeaHouse's Latest Collection Help Your Biz?

      What Is A Mood Board & How Can SeaHouse's Latest Collection Help Your Biz?

      Hi There Friends, Designers, Girl Bosses and Fempreneurs,

      If you've got a minute, take a seat and join me for a virtual coffee, tea, cocktail or wine, I won't take up much of your time!

      Lounge Setting Need to Be By The Sea

      This blog post is all about Mood Boards... Keep reading for some awesome news about my latest Collection in the SeaHouse shop and how it just might help you! I hope you are going to find this amazing for your business and your clients. I had this idea and I just can't wait to share it with you all... I haven't seen this before, so who knows it may just be a FIRST for SeaHouse Imagery!


      What is a Mood Board?

      • A mood board can also be known as an inspiration board.
      • A mood board is a physical or digital collage of ideas, consisting of images, textures and text, all composed around a related topic.
      • Mood boards are commonly used in industries like interior design, fashion and graphic design.
      • A Mood board is an important step in a design project and its creation is very valuable for ideas for designers, as so many clients say “I’ll know it when I see it”. Mood boards bring that “idea” to life.
      • Designers are able to convey, moods and feelings (by creating mood boards) that visions sometimes can’t express. It’s about capturing thoughts, impressions, themes and feelings in a collage intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.


      Draw Inspiration For Your Branding/Style!

      • It is best to get your clients involved early in the design project, as ideas at the beginning, establishes the aesthetic feel of a project.
      • Visuals convey ideas and features that words often cannot express. Using photography style, colour palettes (like the pic below), typography and patterns, complement the overall look and feel of a design project.
      • Fashioning beautiful, simple mood boards make for sharing ideas and inspiration, with clients, quickly and easily.
        Colour Chart Wheel
        • Collages can convey moods such as light, dark, glossy, slick, modern, hard, edgy, aggressive, soft, muted, layered, textured, elegant, colourful, rough, sketchy, dull or bright.
        • Mixing mood board elements in with your presentation can be an effective way of communicating your concept to a client.
        • Fabric swatches and paint chip samples can be grouped together on posters for interior design and for trends and styles, particularly in fashion.
        • Designers use specific styles, feelings or themes and by creating powerful and effective mood boards this can determine the significance, or impact, of telling your brand’s story.


         How Can My Mood Board Collection Help You?

        • My mood board collection (like the pic below) is created for designers and individuals, and is a collection of visual elements all related to a central design theme, that is “Coastal Inspiration”.
        • Don’t spend your time wasting hours sifting through inspirational image galleries, web sites, books, magazines or social media looking for the perfect images for your mood boards on concepts your clients may not like.
        • Having a mood board already created for you increases your chances of winning more clients, by not having to spend precious time playing around with software and fashioning mood boards.
        • Text (already included in some of the SeaHouse mood boards) will set the theme for drama, tone and meaning for your projects; and comprises such examples as Summer, Love, New Blog Posts, Beach Time, That Summer Feeling, But First Coffee, Grateful and Travel ; all very much coastal inspired!

        WM Mood Board Coastal Collection for Blog

        • Using professional imagery will be well worth it to sell your vision, convey your design and consequently win you more pitches!
        • Use my completed, coastal inspired, mood boards to take to your designer - it will save you and your designer time and dollars, and we all know a few dollars here and there adds up to a good coffee or wine!
        • Join up and all Mood Board images from the SeaHouse Mood Board Collection (and my whole stock library, including exclusive, Member’s only photos) will be instantly available to you at no extra cost – only one low investment/year. It’s a great deal, you don’t want to miss - That will put you in a good MOOD!


        Thanks for stopping by!

        If you don't have time, ability or inclination to take your own stock photos, join SeaHouse and you can be downloading right away, choose from hundreds of stock! A great investment of one yearly payment or flexible monthly payments! Grab your coastal stock… that is… Inspired by the Sea!

        Grab yours today and see the difference stock photos will bring to your business!

        Till next time... Much Love! Deb x

        About The Author

        PS Grab Your Free Stock


        Want Ideas for Coastal Inspired Sayings to Overlay on your Instagram Photos?

        Want Ideas for Coastal Inspired Sayings to Overlay on your Instagram Photos?

        Dear Friends,


        Wish you were by the sea right now? Dreaming of beach holidays by the sea or Tropical island escapes? Coastal living? Want Coastal Lovin’ ideas?

        Beach Scene White Sand Blue Sky 

        Want ideas for coastal sayings to overlay on your Instagram photos?

        You have come to the right place to find all your coastal inspired quotes to use on your photos!


        Hey there, I am so happy you stopped by and I hope you feel right at home here!

        Grab a coffee, kick up your feet and have a browse. While you are here grab some FREE stock photos. https://www.seahouseimagery.com/pages/free-stock-collection

        Sofa Cushions for Coastal Living for Blog


        Keep reading for your dose of coastal inspiration!

        Here are a few of my favourites:


        o   My Heart Sleeps by the Sea

        o   Take Me to the Sea

        o   Cos Heaven Just Might Be The SEA

        o   Ocean Devotion

        o   Ocean Girl

        o   Ocean Breeze

        o   Seas the Day

        o   The Sea will Set You Free

        o   Sea and Sun

        o   Made for the Sea

        o   The Sea is Calling

        o   Vitamin Sea

        o   Ocean State of Mind

        o   Beach is My Happy Place

        o   Peace Love Sandy Feet

        o   Ocean Air, Salty Hair

        o   Salty Soul

        o   Salty Life

        o   Ocean vibes

        o   Eat Sleep Beach Repeat

        o   Sun Sand Surf

        o   Life is Better in a Bikini

        o   Bikini Kinda Life

        o   I’d Rather Be a Mermaid

        o   Mermaid Sisters,

        o   Mermaid Vibes

        o   Be a Mermaid

        o   Mermaids Welcome

        o   Every Summer has a Story

        o   Coconuts & Palm Trees

        o   Sandy Toes and Palm Trees


        I hope that has given you some ideas and saved you some time, what are you waiting for?...get to it! Start adding some coastal inspired text to your photos.



        Visit my one stop shop for all your coastal photos, coastal inspiration and coastal inspired blog stories.

        WM Mood Board Coastal Blue Stripes 13

        Thanks for stopping by!


        If you don't have time, ability or inclination to take your own stock photos, join SeaHouse and you can be downloading right away, choose from hundreds of stock! A great investment of one yearly payment or flexible monthly payments! Grab your coastal stock… that is… Inspired by the Sea!

        Grab yours today and see the difference stock photos will bring to your business!

        Till next time... Much Love! Deb x


        Grab Some FREE Stock Photos





        Come Explore the SeaHouse Photo Collections and Membership options!

        Come Explore the SeaHouse Photo Collections and Membership options!

        Hi Friends,

        Take a minute, grab a coffee or tea, and come explore the SeaHouse Photo Collections and Membership options!

        Here at SeaHouse everything we do is “Inspired by the Sea.” 

        I really love my SeaHouse website.  I want you to navigate with ease and enjoy my store too. My stock is jam packed with shells, palms and flowers; all with a coastal theme!

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        Shop as a Free Member, Member or Non-Member


        Want FREE photos? Sign up (for FREE) to my FREE Stock Collection and you will have instant access to all photos in the FREE Collection. No waiting till end of month release for a few photos.  Join now to grab a bargain. New photos are being added regularly. I promise I will not bombard you with emails. I might toast you with a glass of champagne though!

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        FREE Members have access to the FREE STOCK COLLECTION



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        On a budget or only want a handful of stock at fantastic value?

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        Non-Members are not able to access the FREE Stock or MEMBER’S Collections.


        Actually, there is a fourth way to grab your stock photos and that is if you require EXCLUSIVE USE to a photo.  This means that a “forever” market freeze is placed on the photo you purchase, and no one else can have access to that particular photo. It will be removed from my store following an Exclusive Use purchase! Click here to be taken to Exclusive Use Collection

        Exclusive Use Collection

        Purchase Exclusive Use Photos = Market FREEZE on Photos = Cannot be used by a competitor or anyone else for that matter.



        Photos can be used for a wide variety of industries, as wide as your imagination. There has never been such high demand for fresh imagery as there is now, especially for the commitment and dedication on all social media platforms.

        SeaHouse stock photos are fully customisable… To personalise you can edit, crop, overlay with your own text or your own products to reflect your unique brand or your individual style!

        Join SeaHouse and bring a cohesive look and feel to your feed, save yourself time and money figuring out what to post on your web, blog or social media feeds.

        All the hard work has been done for you, sign up and you can be shopping and downloading straight away!

        My mission is to keep all stock as affordable as possible! Remember prices are in Aussie Dollars, not US Dollars, great value and even better value for all my American clients or those of you using US dollars!

        Buying from a small biz, rather than from these big companies that charge big dollars, for just one photo, can save you heaps.

        If you can’t resist, here’s a small sneak peak!


        Using SeaHouse stock photos, your feed won’t look like everyone else's desktop, floral flat lays! My stock photos are hi-res and ready for you to post, allowing you to focus on your business and what probably matters a little to you – making money! I have made it SO easy for creative biz to have access to photos that can potentially represent their brand.

        With the search feature you can search by popular keywords to find the type of imagery that suits your brand, your style, your voice!

        Remember there are four ways to grab your stock photos.

        • Become a FREE member and grab whatever photos you want from the Free Collection!
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        All are available for instant download, at a suitable time for you.  Super convenient, a super affordable investment and WILL solve your time management and budgeting issues.

        Keep popping back here for ideas, especially if you need a coastal look.

        This has been my labour of love and I’m excited and proud to bring it to you.  It has been months in the making. 

        If you want beautiful, warm, inviting COASTAL content for your feed, web or blog check us out! If you belong by the sea, come join SeaHouse Imagery!

        SeaHouse is the new kid when it comes to stock photos. You won't see my photos anywhere else. All photos have been taken by me. If you want you can tag #seahouseimagery so I can see how you use the stock collections, and just as importantly to connect with you as Insta-Friends! Follow SeaHouse Imagery and I will follow you back. I’m so excited for this and hope you can join our SeaHouse Family.  For coastal stock… that is… Inspired by the Sea!  Till next time... Much Love! Deb x