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      Aiming To Be More Eco-Friendly

      Aiming To Be More Eco-Friendly

      As a small biz I am conscious about being more eco-friendly.

      My products are produced from mostly recycled materials to create pieces that are new and unique for you.  I love natural textures and aim to always use natural resources such as shells, driftwood and wood, all provided for by nature.

      Where other resources are used, like wooden beads, hearts, buttons, tassels, twine, if I don’t create myself, I proudly support small businesses that do.

      Our products are packaged using eco-friendly cardboard boxes, raffia, wood chips and sealed in reusable or compostable envelope sleeves.

       Image Showing Boxed Packaging for Eco-Friendly Blog Article

      What Makes Us Special?

      • I sell and produce handmade, affordable beach treasures, so you can add coastal inspiration to your homes and office spaces.
      • I use a combination of natural, recycled and handcrafted materials.
      • I aim to purchase from other small businesses when resources are needed.
      • My products cater to a variety of people and styles, like hamptons, modern style, boho, rustic, beachy, nature-lovers, surfers and beach lovers.
      • A simple style adds so much character and I love the mix of natural textures that are used.
      • You can Order/Create customized pieces by contacting me via website, Instagram or Facebook.
      • I offer local pickup/delivery and shipping is available to most countries.


      Image showing letters in heart for blog article Hanging Creation Shells & Driftwood for Blog Article
      Wooden Beads inside Heart for Blog Article
      Shell and Heart Hanging for Blog Article


      What Products Do I Sell?

      • Spice up your keys and accessorise your handbags, wallets, clutch bags, nappy bags, beach bags, car rear-view mirrors, backpacks and nurseries with customized key rings, and our popular shell hangings.
      • Whether, it’s your name, nickname, initials, words, dates, numbers or place names, I welcome your custom orders and requests. Don’t let your fur babies miss out either! These also make great mementos for first dates, birth dates, wedding dates & so much more!
      Key Ring I Love You for Blog Article
      Personalised Girls Names on Key Rings for Blog ArticleMonkey with Numbers for Customised Date Key Rings for blog Article Key Rings for Customised Place Names Jervis Bay for Blog Article
        • Add your authentic personality to your walls by displaying and showing off your favourite photos with our Photo Wall Hangings, all unique and each one created using driftwood and shells.
        • Add character and a modern style to your décor by simply adding a beaded tassel. Drape wooden beaded garlands across your photo frames, shelves, books, inside decorative bowls, around vases, candles, planters or door knob drawers.
        Blue and white Beaded Garland with Tassels for Blog Article
          • Draping beads on a whitewashed coffee table will bring a coastal feel to your coastal themed home. Choosing natural pieces for your spaces will give your décor an instant coastal vibe.

          If you are looking for a great gift idea these little products make wonderful, handmade, personal gifts for friends, family, besties, teachers, special occasions and also for Christmas decorations.

          Three Key Rings for blog Article

          Most stock is limited, one-off so once it’s gone, it’s gone!!!

          Don’t forget we are open 24/7 for online shopping, making it easy and convenient for you to shop these designs.

          SeaHouse is located in the beautiful Shoalhaven region, on the NSW South Coast, Australia and our products are inspired by our beautiful beaches and the relaxed style and vibe that is Australian, coastal living.

          Feel free to make any relevant comments below or drop me an email or message for any questions you have.

          Till next time.... Much Love, Deb Xxx

          Image of Deb in Palm for Blog Article






          P.S. My journey is your journey - I would be nothing without my lovely supporters, so here’s to the future and to new adventures together!

          9 Creative Ways to Display Your Instant Art

          Blog Post 9 Creative Ways to Display Your Instant Art showing stock photos on wall with pink lounge and pink lamp accessories

          Hi Friends,

          Looking for ideas to display your Printables?  The most common one we think of is framing.  But, really when you stop and think about it, there are many different ideas and fun, creative ways to display your art. How many ways can you come up with?

          Here are my 9 creative ways to display your Instant Art:

           1.  DIY String Project - A fun way is a DIY project that you can easily knock-up if you feel like getting a little creative.  It's basically two bits of timber with holes drilled along the edge, where you tie string between each piece of timber.  "Hang" your art with pegs. See my photo below for ideas. You can use the small, wooden crafty ones or just plain old household washing pegs. (I'll let you in on a little secret about me - I use household pegs for sooo many things in my kitchen to hold things together, does anybody else you know do this?)

          Need: 2 pieces of Timber (size depends on where you intend to hang it), string, pegs, a drill to make the holes in the timber.

          Looks Great:  Kids rooms, Study, Craft and Home Office.


           2. Clipboard - This is a very simple idea.  I'm certain everyone has a clipboard in their home office/study area.  Put it to good use... Clip your printable to your clipboard. Put a picture hook on the wall and hang your clipboard over the hook. You can even just lean it on your desk or table against the wall without hanging it. It’s very easy to change daily, weekly or just when you want a change of inspiration. Too Easy!!!

          Need: Clipboard, picture hook or nail if hanging on wall.

          Looks Great: Home Office/Study.


           3. Coat Hangers - There are so many types of coat hangers that are useful to hang your printables. The pants and skirts type hangers that have 2 clips are perfect to clip your printables to. The ones where you can move the clip along are good as they can be moved in and out to fit the size you need. You can also glue items, such as shells, onto your hangers to customise. Lots of types you could use such as plastic, metal, retro, vintage or antique that are all useful and create a different, fun look. Now I know what you are thinking! Go do it! Go check out your wardrobe or better still raid your Nana’s as she is sure to have some retro ones!

          Need: Coat hangers with 2x clips either end. Craft glue if you want to add trim. Shells.

          Looks Great:  Kids rooms, Bedrooms, Walk-in-Robes (I know you are thinking that seems a strange place to put it? Hey, let’s face it when we look in that mirror in the morning we all need some inspiration, so go on add a quote to your walk-ins). Check out the photo below for inspiration!

           4. Paint Easels - This is one of my favourites.  You can get either a used easel, by that, I mean one that is splattered in paint for an authentic look, a new timber look, or paint the timber in your favourite colour (matching and enhancing your printable of course).  Endless ideas! These timber easels come in all different sizes from tiny to as large as you want.  The larger ones make a great stand-alone show piece on a table or the small ones look fantastic grouped together.  Adds artistic, creativity to your decor!

          Need: Easel available at any craft shop or art studio.

          Looks Great:  Almost anywhere from living rooms to bedrooms.

          5. Fridge Magnets - For this one you will need to buy sticky-backed magnets which you can buy at craft stores.  After printing your photo you just stick a magnet to the back of your photo/printable and you have instant art to display on your fridge for everyday inspiration. You can also (sticking with the wooden peg theme) glue your magnet to the back of your wooden peg, peg your photo and stick on your fridge for another option (see photo below). It doesn't take much to create instant art that is affordable, easily changeable and FUN to create!

          Need: Sticky backed magnets, Wooden Pegs (painted in your own custom design or you can buy ones already made from craft stores (see photos below).

          Looks Great:  Kitchen.

          6. Blu Tack - Photos and inspirational quotes bundled together look great, stuck on the wall using Blu Tack. (available from supermarkets, craft shops and newsagencies).  If you have teenage daughters you have probably already thought of this one.  Both my girls loved to do this to their bedroom walls (mind you one still does and she is not a teenager anymore).  This is probably one of the simplest and easiest way to display your photos and quotes.  You can group them in lots of different ways.

          Need: Blu Tack.

          Looks Great:  Bedroom, Living Room.


          7. Wall Hanger Using Sticks, String & Pegs - This is another simple and easy DIY project. Find 2 sticks of equal size and relatively thick.  Drill holes at both ends of the stick.  Tie string to bottom stick, thread through leaving enough length of string just bigger than the size of your print, to the top stick, leave enough string to hang and then thread through top stick down to the bottom stick.  Tie off at end of bottom stick.  Get 4 pegs and peg print to string. This one is easier to understand if you look at the image. You can gather your sticks from the bush, use driftwood from the beach or bamboo looks good too.

          Need: 2x Sticks, string, 4x pegs.

          Looks Great:  Bedroom, Hall, Living Room.




          8. Poster Frame - Poster frames hang on your walls and your printables are displayed by fitting/sliding between the top and bottom plastic strip. Poster frames are available at stores like OfficeWorks.

          Need: Poster Frame, Picture Hook.

          Looks Great:  Bedrooms, Home Office, Study or Kitchen.


          9. Cork Boards - Buy cork boards from your local hardware store and you can pin your photos and prints to the cork board.  The modern day form of this is Pinterest and, of course, I would love it if you wanted to pin any of my pins or follow SeaHouse Imagery. 

          Need: Cork Board, Pins.

          Looks Great:  Kitchen, Bedroom.


          I’m sure there are many other ways to display your art and I would love to hear your ideas.  In School holidays if you are looking for things to do with the kids, this is a great way to get them involved, using their art, or you can always print one out from my website.  What are you waiting for? Time to get creative and change up your decor!!!

          By the way, how many ways did you come up with?

          Much Love! Deb, SeaHouse Imagery x

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